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Yoga Outreach Columbus

Join us for Yoga Outreach Columbus 2016! This is one big day to celebrate our yoga community. BIG thanks to all who have made this possible. Thanks to our sponsors and host, the price is just $25 for a two hour yoga class and a lite lunch. Be sure to high five our awesome sponsors when you see 'em!

Our 2016 teaching team is Loretta Zedella, Beaker Prince, Abby Dorn, Jennifer Gebhart, Michelle Mineo and Elizabeth Miller. We'll feature twelve different people demonstrating the asanas. We'll offer a few information and sales tables.


We know how busy our lives can get. Let's take one morning this winter to yoke, to gather and celebrate this local yoga community. Come early to enjoy music from Bhakti Mamas and Jesse Michael Barr. Meet with other yoga friends from yoga studios in Bexley to Hillard, in Powell to Grove City. We'll yoke during the class in movement and stillness. Then commune over a meal, displays, more music, and perhaps even Namastache.

Online Tickets on sale now. Physical tickets will available from our sponsors listed below. 

Get your ticket to what may be the happiest yoga gathering to date! We'll benefit Mid-Ohio Foodbank, People In Need, Inc. and Legacy, working to redeem, restore, empower, and equip those affected by human trafficking right here in Central Ohio. This will be one meaningful day.

Special Thanks to our sponsors: Our official media Sponsor: Natural Awakenings of Central Ohio, Yoga Studios and ticket selling points: Mat Happy Yoga, Fair Trade Yoga Studios, Bexley Yoga, Burn Within Yoga, Harbor Yoga, Beverly A Campbell - Healthy Columbus Yoga, Center for Wholeness, Grow Yoga, PAI Yoga & Fitness, Elizabeth Miller: Reden Yoga, Balanced Yoga, Seven Studios, Nurture Yoga. Yoga with Laurel, The Yoga Training Center, SamYoga Institute, Loretta Zedella: Reveal Ease, Yoga on High, All Life Community, Bhakti Mamas, and Mary Coleman Wellness. Thanks to our photographer Studio79 Photography, outfitter, Bend Active Personal chef The Duke of Fork and host: Ohio Wesleyan University.