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Erasing Tension at Salt Spa

We'll meet in this gorgeous room pictured here. 

Join Loretta Zerdella at Salt City Spa for two hours of movement and healing in a beautiful Himalayan brick walled salt therapy room. Included in these 2 hours of tension release will be 1 hour of Halotherapy (Salt Therapy). You will receive the beneficial healing effects of dry salt inhalation therapy as you breathe in the micro particle size salt aerosol deep into your lungs. Experience a detox of your respiratory system as the salt particles liquefy congestion and mucus and remove allergens and pollutants from your respiratory tract.

Return home with TWO YOGA THERAPY BALLS, handouts and skills to practice these simple and specific realigning techniques. We'll learn how proper respiration can ease tension as well.
Loretta calls this method "Reveal Ease" since that seems the positive twist to erase tension. Or should we call it what it is?

We'll erase tension to feel better in our bodies. The method is akin to physical therapy and can help to regain mobility, stability, flexibility, agility and ease. We'll rehydrate the fascia network just beneath the skin.

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