Workplace Mobility or Yoga Breaks



Intro to Yoga
at YAM; Yoga and Massage Hendersonville

Tues 3:45 -5:00


RECALIBRATE with Workplace Yoga and Mobility here in Western North Carolina. Huge thanks to current and past employee sites. I love this work!  I bring movement,  wide elastic bands, and therapy balls to your workplace. It feels great for people in a manufacturing setting as well as those who sit at desks and type.  Let me help you lessen days lost to stress, pain, and discomfort.
Big shout out to Verizon employees whom I taught for over a decade. 


Join Loretta for six weeks to feeling better.
September 17 - October 22, 2019
Tuesdays 3:45 - 5:00pm

Are you looking for the right opportunity to bring yoga into your life? Do you keep making up excuses for why you haven’t taken the first step? No more excuses. Loretta Zedella is leading this 6-week series for those who wish to bring the life enhancing practice of yoga into their world.

A true introduction to yoga for those who have never done yoga before (or for whom it is a distant memory). This 6-week series includes fundamentals of breath awareness, proper and safe alignment in beginner yoga poses, and guidance through deep relaxation. Students learn proper technique for moving between poses as well as modifications to make all poses accessible, comfortable and safe.

This is a unique opportunity to learn the basic principles of yoga and build a foundation for your own yoga practice that will serve you for a lifetime. It is also an excellent opportunity for more experienced yogis to review the basics.

We'll also explore the use of common yoga props and how they can enhance our movement practice. We'll discover ways yoga can help us deal with tightness and tension from modern technology such as tight hips and shoulders.

To take this class, you must be able to get down to and up from the floor…it doesn’t have to be pretty and there are no other expectations, except a desire to learn. Don’t be afraid to try!

*Loretta Zedella has been teaching yoga for over 17 years. She is happy to be sharing these techniques now at YAM after teaching in Ohio at colleges, studios, and employee sites.

Self Investment:
$85 for 6 week series


Align with Yoga &
Therapy Balls 

Ahimsa Healing Loft


Join me Saturdays at 9am at Ahimsa in South Asheville.

Visit this beautiful new yoga space to learn yoga techniques to relieve the stress and strain of 21st century life!

We’ll focus on sore shoulders and tight hips.


Yoga for a strong Back at YAM, Yoga and Massage

Fri 11:45

Private Class

your choice


Join Loretta at YAM each Friday at 11:45 to practice specific movement to strengthen your back. We’ll focus on upper back the neck area; mid back the thoracic area where ribs are and the ever requested low back lumbar area.

We’ll use props and specific movement to address weakness and tension. Join me for the exploration.

Contact Loretta for a date and time that suits your needs. She is mobile and happy to bring yoga and mobility to your home or work site. She teams with Jesse Michael Barr to provide Yoga to Live Music. Loretta has taught at employee sites since 2002 working with Verizon employees onsite for over  decade. Being a former desk dweller, she feels your pain!  Loretta currently finds fulfillment in bringing mobility to the front lines of a plant and to desk dwellers. Have balls , will travel. If you are a current client, I appreciate you! 

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