Workshops in North Carolina and Ohio!

I’m so happy to help you find ease and comfort in your daily life. Teaching private classes and workshops in Hendersonville just south of Asheville.

I’ll return to Columbus the last weekend of October with two or three workshop options for you! Saturday join me at Rise Yoga for two hours of erasing tension with therapy balls and specific movement. Then on Sunday its relAXe: Yoga & Axes at Dueling Axes in downtown Columbus.

In Hendersonville I’ll offer a six week intro to yoga series and with more coming soon!

Thank you to all who’ve supported this work in these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!

New year, new events

All the best to you in 2019.

How can i help people in your workplace? This is much of my focus. May I offer a talk to you and your group? Yes, it will include some movements that are done at your place in your work clothes.

Have a long group meeting and want people to walk away feeling great? I can help. I can help your workmates leave the training feeling focused and refreshed.

Yes, I still offer onsite weekly classes at your workplace and at Dublin Rec. We’ll explore ways that we can add movement to our days with simple tools or just our desk as the tool to feel better.

Thanks for your encouragement for me to specialize for so many different types of groups. From the assembly line floor to corporate meetings at a fancy hotel, I’ll help make it memorable.

Workplace Mobility

It is the first day of autumn-a time of change, and this business is a CH-CH-CHANGING for you!

Brand new logo and head shot with a new focus on helping you feel better at work!

Being comfortable and pain free at work is doable! You can learn and employ easy techniques to feel better physically and mentally to FOCUS and be productive. I’ll come to your workplace for just 15, 30, or 60 minutes and you’ll learn tools to help your spine, neck and shoulders feel better all day long.

This past Wednesday I was at a large medical billing company for two 25 minute sessions. One guy came since the theme was Refrain From Back Pain. After 25 minutes he commented to me ”This was life changing!” I love to hear that! You can make small changes and adjustments at your desk to feel better. You can learn breathing techniques to help you feel calm and focused to complete more in your workday.

Yes, I still teach three weekly classes at Dublin Recreation Center. These workplace classes have long been my passion. Sixteen years ago straight out of yoga teacher training I began teaching the staff at Children’s Hospital and the staff of Sterling Commerce a large communications company. It is so important to bring this work right to where busy people need it. I taught the employees at Verizon Wireless for over a decade. It was great to see managers among the biggest supporters of this program since it minimizes mental health days.

Shrug your shoulders and slow down your breathe right now to feel a little bit better. I look forward to customizing a program for you and your workplace.

Happy Holidays!

Take a  few moments to breathe and settle when you can. I continue teaching a drop in class Monday at 7pm at Balancing Owl all holiday long. Still time to register your workplace for mobility breaks. Drop me a line at yogawithloretta@hotmail dotcom.

Want a unique gift? Register yourself and a friend or family member for a January Yoga and art workshop. I'll offer this at four different yoga studios for your convenience. Click the WORKSHOP tab for details.




Fall for Good

Thanks to all who joined me at Sacred GEO Experience in September. I'm already looking forward to next year. Thanks for your support at Balancing Owl and Rise Yoga workshops in September as well. And thanks to all who supported my biggest craft show to date Made Local Marketplace in early October. 

Join me October 21 at beautiful House of Aum in Yellow Springs. Many other fun events coming soon! 

May Madness?

Does the busyness of May create madness in your life? This is why I'm offering rolling and relaxation workshops this season. 

Workshops: Yoga Outreach Columbus; Ohio Wesleyan Univ, April 23
Therapy Balls Erase Tension; Balancing Owl Yoga, May 13
Made Local Marketplace, jewelry only; Polaris Mall, June 3
Recovery from Stress; Breathe Yoga, June 9
Self Care & Therapy Balls; Rise Yoga, June 10
R&R, Roll & Relax; Bexley Yoga, June 23
Hike Yellow Springs & Therapy Balls; House of Aum, June 24
Weekly Drop in Classes: Balancing Owl: Monday
OWU Thur;
City of Dublin: Wed & some free Saturday classes coming this summer!
**Thanks for inviting me to your workspace. I offer weekly yoga classes and/ or weekly 15 minute mobility breaks throughout the work site. 

Spring Classes, Yoga Outreach, Workshops and Jewelry shares!

I'm so happy to be teaching four weekly classes at
Balancing Owl Yoga in Dublin. Join me here:
Mondays 6 to 7 pm
Thursdays 5:30 and 6:45
Sundays at 10:30

Join me and 200 other yoga friends at Yoga Outreach Columbus, Sunday April 23 class 12 to 2 at Ohio Wesleyan University. See workshops for details! Woot! 

I'm eager to teach my mobility work at more work sites! Drop me a line for info about how i can help you and your teammates look forward to Monday--or whichever day I visit! 

Be sure to click the workshop tab to see my new therapy ball workshops that help us down regulate. Just following current events can place an enormous strain on our nervous systems. Join me to help calm that nervous system down with self massage techniques, movement and breathing techniques.

Thanks for hosting jewelry parties! As the host you get some fun jewelry and your friends are able to peruse the affordable and fun jewelry. Click on Workshops to see my upcoming jewelry shows including a huge one in the Polaris Mall in June!  Enjoy spring! Namaste.

Winter classes and Workshops!

Hera re my Winter workshops at a glance:

Yoga Tune Up; Puma Yoga, Lakewood, Jan 29
Yoga to Live Music w/ Jesse Michael Barr; Balancing Owl Yoga, Feb 17
Therapy Balls & Salt Therapy aka Salty Balls; City Salt Spa, Feb 18
Fascia Recovery with Therapy Balls; Rise Yoga, Feb 26
Therapy Balls Ease Tension; Balancing Owl Yoga, Mar 12
Yoga Outreach Columbus; Ohio Wesleyan University, April 23
Balance & Stability; Breathe Yoga, April 29

Weekly classes at Balancing Owl Yoga and OWU Ross Art Museum 

I'm so happy to be teaching three weekly classes at Balancing Owl Yoga in Dublin. If you've never been here, give us a try! This beautiful studio has two big rooms and is located  at 6017 Post Rd, Dublin, Ohio 43017. In addition to the Monday and Thursday evening classes, I teach a Sunday at 10:30 am series AND offer a Yoga To Live Music yoga party with Jesse Michael Barr on Friday Feb 17. Then offer a two hour workshop Therapy Balls Ease Tension; Balancing Owl Yoga, Mar 12.
So thankful for the mobility work I share at employee sites.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Potential last season in Central Ohio

After teaching yoga for 14 years and living in Central Ohio for 29 years, this may be my last season as a local. My husband Mark and I plan to move to Asheville, North Carolina in late November. (Edit: We've postponed this move for a number of reasons.)

I'm so very thankful for your support and encouragement. I'll miss so many friends. The good news is you are invited to visit us. If you've visited Asheville you know why we love this place we've visited for the past decade. If you've never been, you're in for a treat filled with gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway hikes, waterfalls, and a cool artsy vibe.

Please contact me at yogawithloretta over at when you plan a  visit.

Thank you again. Loretta

Summertime Healthy and Content

Outdoor yoga in Dublin continues each Wednesday in June and July skipping Independence Day week, ending July 27. More September and October dates coming, too! Join me for Saturday outdoor yoga as well.  These cost $15 each. Bring a friend, mom, son, daughter or dad. 

Special Yoga to Live music with Jesse Michael Barr at 10 am to 11:30 on Saturdays July 16, and August 13. All outdoor classes are at Dublin Scioto Park on Riverside Drive. Call Dublin Rec to preregister 614-410-4550 or contact me to drop in. Cost is just $20. Big thanks to all who made the first one in June so special. 

Yoga Tune Up movement and therapy ball work pain erasing is in each class.  I completed some more training in California. Thanks for your positive comments about the new moves particularly the ones strengthening low back! 

ENJOY SUMMER! Mark and I are doing some traveling. Savor all summer has to offer! 

Happy Summer!

Congrats to all grads including Ohio Wesleyan students who were fabulous yoga students this year, my nephew Joe and Niece Janine. Yahoo!

I look forward to teaching outdoor yoga in Dublin each Wednesday in June and July beginning June 8 ending July 27. Join me for Saturday outdoor as well. June 18, and July 23.

Special Yoga to Live music with Jesse Michael Barr at 10 am to 11:30 on Saturdays June 11, July 16, and August 13. All outdoor classes are at Dublin Scioto Park. Call Dublin Rec to preregister 614-410-4550.

Join me for Tension Erasing workshop in Dublin on June 18 from 1 to 3. Details on Workshop page. 

ENJOY SUMMER! Mark and I are doing some traveling. Savor all summer has to offer! 


Happy Spring!

What fun Mark and i had teaching YogaMat to placemat at Healthy New Albany. We bring the same duo of workshops to Franklin park Conservatory on Sunday, April 24. 

I offer therapy ball tension erasing workshops on Saturday April 30 at City Salt Spa in Plain City and May 1 at Bexley Yoga.

Thanks to all who have taken my Workplace mobility classes. Could you use a 15 minute stretch break at work? You stay in your work clothes and i come to the area with straps, therapy balls and movements for you to do for 15 minutes of tension erasing. This cuts done on soreness and time off the clock. It also raises moral. 

Weekly classes begin at Dublin Rec Center soon and are offered each Monday at 7:30pm, Wed 10am and Thursday at 7pm.

I'll offer more outdoor yoga this summer at Dublin Scioto park. Three of these classes will feature live guitar music.  

Thanks for your support of yoga, therapy balls, The Duke of fork's culinary classes and my hand made jewelry. Enjoy the sunshine!





Happy Mild Winter!

So happy that the winter has been mild. I'd prefer to enjoy a stroll than shovel any day.

Big thanks to all who joined me at Erasing Tension workshops at Bexley Yoga and Dublin Rec Center in January. 

February is Yoga Outreach Columbus month! So looking forward to a  big charitable yoga class and gathering on Sunday Feb 21. 

My jewelry site is up and running. Woot. Big thanks to all who are wearing a piece that jewelry right now. Thanks for offering it to a friend. These little beauties really can brighten a  day!  Whether you treasure a stack of bracelets or love an om necklace , I appreciate you and all the meaning you give these beauties!

So eager to offer back to back workshops Yoga Mat To Placemat with my husband, The Duke of Fork. Yoga, therapy balls and delicious food ready to recreate at home. 

Big shout out to the employees who work with therapy balls right at their work stations. I love offering a  "come as you are" fifteen minute movement break. Whether you are in blue jeans and steel toe shoes or a business casual, I know how much these mini breaks can be for our outlook! 

Thanks, finally to the ones who show up week after week for movement classes. You inspire me to show up and recognize your badassery. *wink*

 I am committed to treating you with the kindness and respect you deserve; to help you erase pain; and whenever add some laughter to your day. 

Namaste.  Loretta

Happy Holiday!

Thank you so much for your support this past year. It was a year of growth and change for sure. I'm so thankful to become a Yoga Tune Up® teacher. I've been teaching yoga over 13 years and really feel confident in helping others feel good in body and mind with these expanded skills in anatomy, pain management and physiology.  Also this year, I've expanded mobility in the workplace to a plant setting and launched a yoga inspired jewelry business. Thanks to all who understand and appreciate the intention of each piece. It brings me happiness to see others wear the designs. 

The online store for jewelry and therapy balls will be up soon. In the meantime, if you've seen something you want, drop me a line at I accept paypal and square payment.

More info about Yoga Outreach Columbus is coming soon! I look forward to seeing you on Sunday Feb 21 2016!

Peace in!  Loretta

New website!

I've maintained my old Loretta Yoga website since 2004. It was all hard coded. This means I went into the code just to make updates. Thanks to Dennis Wolfe for hosting my page all this time

I've cut all the extras such as testimonials so that you have just pertinent info at your fingertips. All about where I am offering my workshops with these incredible balls is here. Go ahead make ball jokes! My fellow Yoga Tune Up instructors and I have heard and coined quite a few. Find info about my assisting The Duke of Fork here along with jewelry updates. 

Big thanks to Sam Fahmi of Studio79 photography for capturing many of these new photos that capture my personality. So grateful to Frankie Cropper who created my new logo. And to Mark Zedella for feeding me on days when I get engrossed in my work and don't make time to prepare a  decent meal. And so much more. I thanked many people on another page. Thanks to everyone I omitted who has helped.