Workplace Mobility

It is the first day of autumn-a time of change, and this business is a CH-CH-CHANGING for you!

Brand new logo and head shot with a new focus on helping you feel better at work!

Being comfortable and pain free at work is doable! You can learn and employ easy techniques to feel better physically and mentally to FOCUS and be productive. I’ll come to your workplace for just 15, 30, or 60 minutes and you’ll learn tools to help your spine, neck and shoulders feel better all day long.

This past Wednesday I was at a large medical billing company for two 25 minute sessions. One guy came since the theme was Refrain From Back Pain. After 25 minutes he commented to me ”This was life changing!” I love to hear that! You can make small changes and adjustments at your desk to feel better. You can learn breathing techniques to help you feel calm and focused to complete more in your workday.

Yes, I still teach three weekly classes at Dublin Recreation Center. These workplace classes have long been my passion. Sixteen years ago straight out of yoga teacher training I began teaching the staff at Children’s Hospital and the staff of Sterling Commerce a large communications company. It is so important to bring this work right to where busy people need it. I taught the employees at Verizon Wireless for over a decade. It was great to see managers among the biggest supporters of this program since it minimizes mental health days.

Shrug your shoulders and slow down your breathe right now to feel a little bit better. I look forward to customizing a program for you and your workplace.