New website!

I've maintained my old Loretta Yoga website since 2004. It was all hard coded. This means I went into the code just to make updates. Thanks to Dennis Wolfe for hosting my page all this time

I've cut all the extras such as testimonials so that you have just pertinent info at your fingertips. All about where I am offering my workshops with these incredible balls is here. Go ahead make ball jokes! My fellow Yoga Tune Up instructors and I have heard and coined quite a few. Find info about my assisting The Duke of Fork here along with jewelry updates. 

Big thanks to Sam Fahmi of Studio79 photography for capturing many of these new photos that capture my personality. So grateful to Frankie Cropper who created my new logo. And to Mark Zedella for feeding me on days when I get engrossed in my work and don't make time to prepare a  decent meal. And so much more. I thanked many people on another page. Thanks to everyone I omitted who has helped.